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Cepha Injectables

One of India's Leading's Manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality ​Cepha Injectables. Complete Range of Produtcs Available for Third Party Manufacturing , Exports , PCD Pharma Franchise and Goverment Supply. Our Strength is the Wide Product Range Available as Ready Stock in MRP as well as in "Hospital Supply". Cepha Injectable Pharma Company in India Being in the list of Top Cepha injectable pharmaceutical companies in India, our primary concern for packaging development is rigorously keen since we have a special team for packaging. The more robust and professional packaging endows the product a good life along with the complete information a customer needs. As a leading Cepha injection manufacturing company in India and GMP ISO 9001 certified Cepha Pharma injection manufacturing company in India, Jackson Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is indeed performing at its level best when it comes to end-to-end pharmaceutical injections manufacturing with all the required certification of WHOGMP and ISO, etc. Even though we have a great market to deal with in Africa, Middle East, CIS Countries, and Latin America, our name is considered as a top Cepha Injection manufacturers in India and best injection pharma exporter. Being a Cepha pharmaceutical injection manufacturers in India with an extensive range of pharma products, we have offered a wide range of healthcare solutions along with injections .We ranked in the list of Cepha Injectable manufacturing companies in India and cover all your needs for effective and safe administration.

Amoxycillin 1000mg & Potassium Clavunate 200mg Injection

Ampicillin 250mg & Cloxacillin Sodium 250mg for Injection

Cefepime 250mg Injection

Cefepime 250mg & Tazobactam 31.25mg Injection

Cefoperazone 500mg & Sulbactam 500mg for Injection

Cefotaxime Injection 250mg

Ceftazidime Injection 125mg

Ceftazidime Injection 2000mg

Ceftriaxone Injection 250mg

Ceftriaxone 125mg & Sulbactam 62.5mg for Injection

Ceftriaxone 3000mg & Sulbactam 1500mg for Injection

Cefuroxime Injection 750mg

Meropenem for Injection 125mg

Meropenem 1000mg & Sulbactam 500mg for Injection

Ampicillin 100mg Injection

Benzathine Penicillin 900mg Injection

Cefepime 500mg Injection

Cefepime 1000mg & Tazobactam 125mg Injection

Cefoperazone 1000mg & Sulbactam 1000mg for Injection

Cefotaxime Injection 500mg

Ceftazidime Injection 250mg

Ceftazidime 250mg & Tazobactum 31.25mg Injection

Ceftriaxone Injection 500g

Ceftriaxone 250mg & Sulbactam 125mg for Injection

Ceftriaxone Sodium 250mg & Tazobactum 31.25mg for Injection

Cefuroxime Injection 1500mg

Meropenem for Injection 250mg

Piperacillin 1000mg & Tazobactam 125mg for Injection

Amoxycillin 500mg & Potassium Clavunate 100mg Injection

Ampicillin 500mg Injection

Benzyl Penicillin 300mg Injection

Cefepime 1000mg Injection

Cefoperazone 1000mg & Sulbactam 500mg for Injection

Cefoperazone Injection 1000mg

Cefotaxime Injection 1000mg

Ceftazidime Injection 500mg

Ceftazidime 1000mg & Tazobactum 125mg Injection

Ceftriaxone Injection 1000mg

Ceftriaxone 500mg & Sulbactam 250mg for Injection

Ceftriaxone Sodium 500mg & Tazobactum 62.5mg for Injection

Fortified Procaine Penicillin Injection 3000MG

Meropenem Injection 500mg

Piperacillin 2000mg & Tazobactam 250mg for Injection

Ampicillin 1000mg & Sulbactam 500mg for Injection

Benzyl Penicillin 600mg Injection

Cefepime 2000mg Injection

Cefoperazone 2000mg & Sulbactum 1000mg Injection

Cefotaxime Injection 125mg

Cefotaxime 1000mg & Sulbactam 500mg Injection

Ceftazidime Injection 1000mg

Ceftriaxone Injection 125mg

Ceftrixaone Injection 2000mg

Ceftriaxone 1000mg & Sulbactam 500mg for Injection

Ceftriaxone Sodium 1000mg & Tazobactum 125mg for Injection

Imipenem 500mg & Cilastatin 500mg Injection

Meropenem Injection 1000mg

Piperacillin 4000mg & Tazobactam 500mg for Injection

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