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Jackson Laboratories Pvt Ltd - Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

We have earned recognition from customers in international market due to our indefatigable and determined commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. 
Jackson currently exports to more 10 countries like Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East with Vast product portfolio to suit the needs of each country.

Our Registrations (still expanding), we are emerging as a major potential Indian Pharmaceuticals manufacturer.
As a Pharmaceuticals manufacturer in India, our aim to become a world class Supplier and Exporter of quality Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Products by providing high quality Products within the right budget to our international customers.
Main factors which made us successful in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products manufacturer and exporter for international market are:

  1. High quality products.

  2. Modern GMP Certified facilities.

  3. Competitive pricing

  4. Just In time" delivery approach.

  5. Excellent compliance record

  6. Strong Regulatory support.

  7. Efficient inventory coverage.


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